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Title: Curry & Bed
Author: [personal profile] ladyc2
Pairing: KameDa
Rating: G
Word Count: 840
Disclaimer: This is Fiction
Warnings: None
Summary: A small ficlet based on Ueda's jweb where he mentioned making curry

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Title: Heart like fire
Pairing: KameRyo
Rating: PG-15
Genre: romance
Plot: Kame wishes it wouldn't only be sex between them. But that's all there is, right?
Note: Written for [personal profile] ladyc2  for her wish meme list. Thanks for providing me with the opportunity to write for another fandom again :D

Read it HERE.
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Welcome to Kat-tun fanfics <3

You can post every fanfiction concerning one or more Kat-tun members here. :) 

Please remember about following rules: 

- No bashing around here!
- The fanfiction must contain at least one Kat-tun member (also ex-members are okay!) 
- If you have bigger headers, put them under a cut.
- Use following formating: 
- Advertisment is allowed, but only for memes, exchanges, polls concerning fandom! 

Feel free to contact me if you need something, and please be friendly to each other! No bashing around here! 


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